What is Elamusmaratonid?

Elamusmaratonid Nordic walking and walking marathon takes place in Estonia. The locations are exiting and worth discovering.

The purpose of Elamusmaratonid is to offer various options for regular exercise in beautiful places and introduce locations in different parts of Estonia.


Who can participate?

Everybody who enjoys walking, nature and discovering new places can join Elamusmaratonid. You can come alone or with your friends, family or co-workers.


What we offer?

  • Exercise in varied and interesting nature
  • Prepared and marked course (10km, 21km, 42km)
  • Drinks and snacks on the track
  • Start number (if you register in all three stages, you will get a number with your name)
  • Hot meal in the finish area
  •  Washing possibilities in the finish area
  • Diploma with name and time
  • Trophy (full marathon only), medal (21 km only)

How much does it cost?

42 km 21 km 10 km
1st round adult 25 € 20 € 12 €


20 € 15 € 12 €
2nd round adult 30 € 25 € 12 €
pensioner/student 25 € 20 € 12 €

GROUP DISCOUNT: gather more than 8 people and get a discount!

Group prices per person
42 km 21 km 10 km
1st round adult 20 € 15 € 10 €


15 € 12 € 10 €
2nd round adult 25 € 20 € 10 €


20 € 15 € 10 €

Registration deadlines

1st round

2nd round

6. Noarootsi marathon

until 28 May 2017 
29 May – 07 June 2017
10. Lahemaa marathon
until 25 June 2017 
26 June -05 July 2017 
2. Värska marathon until 13 August 2017 
14 August -23 August 2017 

How to register?

  •  Fill in the application form here:
  • For group registration, fill this FORM
  • You are registered after you have made the payment to MTÜ Elamusmaratonid, EE382200221061167567
  • With making the entry the participant confirms the willingness to abide by the current Elamusretked Regulations


Renting walking poles

You can rent walking poles under collateral. Please notify the organizer if you wish to rent. The sooner the better because the number of walking poles is limited. The organizers cannot guarantee the availability of walking poles in case of late notifications.


What else to remember when you come to Marathon?

  • Spare enough time to avoid being late and being the reason for postponing the event’s schedule. Nobody likes people who are late :)
  • Take into account the weather conditions – put on weather appropriate clothes and comfortable hiking boots or running shoes. The marathon will take place in all weather conditions.
  • Follow the weather forecast – if there is lot of sun, do not forget to use hat and sun-glasses. For rain protection use rain coat.
  • Train before the marathon and know your limits.
  • In the morning, eat properly and get a good rest at the night before the marathon.
  • Come with a good mood and spirit.
  • Don’t lose enthusiasm on the marathon track and cheer others.
  •  Enjoy every moment 100%.


Come and get emotions with us!


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: or call +372 527 7540 (Kunnar)